Immediate Need for a Truck Repair! VOLUNTEER Hauling Hay!


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Scott Timm has been posting on the Cowgirl 911 Facebook page and other group pages that he is willing and volunteering to use his truck, time, and gas to transport and deliver to anywhere he’s needed during this disaster. Enroute of one transport, for EES, he picked up a load of hay in Vancouver to be delivered to the ranchers on the far east side of Washington state.

During the transport, he experienced major engine problems around Ellensburg. He made arrangements with another volunteer to offload his truck reload the other truck and his trailer then it headed off with the much-needed hay to its destination in Omak/Okanogan. Once the hay was safely on its way he had his truck taken to a shop in Ellensburg for diagnosis. That diagnosis has put Scott in a disaster of his own. The outcome was blown head gaskets, cracked cylinders, and a total engine rebuild totaling $13,422.27. Please.see the attached estimate from the repair shop.

We are doing this fundraiser specifically in order to help Scott with the costs of these repairs.

His truck is a 2008, Ford F350, 6.4 liter,4×4,
Turbo diesel engine with ~190k miles.
Currently, his truck has been towed back to his home in Albany, OR.

If you have a diesel repair shop and can help Scott fix his truck or would like his personal Venmo information, please email Scott at or the Disaster Relief Coordinator at
We are a 501c3 and can provide you with a tax donation receipt.

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