Making a Difference, One Day at a Time

We are a non-profit organization that supports our first responders, military, and citizens. We facilitate natural disaster services with our Disaster Task Force and Disaster Relief Units. We strive to enhance our local communities and thank our local heroes for everything they sacrifice.

About Us

Our Mission

Disaster Support Mission is to help communities in natural disasters which may include forest fires, floods, tornadoes and earthquakes.  We help in providing data communication, laptops, cooking supplies, lighting, livestock needs, collection of donated goods and transportation of goods to those affected in a natural disaster. We help in fundraising, such as benefit dinners or raffles for those affected from the disasters. We fill the gaps. Our running joke is “We do everything that Red Cross doesn’t”. We work closely with them to make sure our services are not doubled up.

We have been serving our community since 2005. We have helped with a wide range of disasters from wildfires and floods throughout Eastern Oregon, Washington, and California to Hurricanes in Texas and Florida. In addition to catastrophic disasters, we also help with smaller community issues such as firewood shortages during harsh winters and most recently masks, food and resource needs created by the Covid-19 crisis.

How You Can Help

Donate Items!

Our Disaster Relief Facebook page has the most recent events we are providing aid and relief for. Please follow our page for the most recent needs of people affected by natural disasters. We often find the biggest need in the Pacific NW is feed for livestock (both donation and transportation) and pet food, transport carriers, and leashes/leads.

Help Us Prepare!

We are always looking for people willing to donate their skills. You can volunteer to create sifting screens for victims of fires, create masks or blankets for families that have lost everything. That crocheted blanket that grandma made isn’t replaceable, but a new one is the closest 2nd best we can offer.

Give Financially!

Your gift will help transport donations directly to the victims in dire need. It also will help pay for our Disaster Task Force to be ready and able to respond and save lives! We are also always accepting donations of cans and bottles to return in Oregon.

The EES Board

Jesse Bonifer – President

Jesse Bonifer is the President of EES. He spearheads our Kids Survival Camp and Community Service Firewood Program. He splits his time between his family, Advanced Tarps and Covers LLC, and EES, but his true passion is to be there anytime anyone in his community is in need!

Doug Stratton – Vice President

Doug is our Vice President. He also runs a Community Service Firewood Program in his county. He Delves full force into anything he commits to. He describes himself as a workaholic, passionate, outdoorsman!  

Laurie Harvey – Treasurer

Laurie is the heart of the operation! She handles all of the administration and background needs and jumps in full bore to get dirty any time the need arises! She splits her volunteer time between EES and the American Legion. If you are a veteran affected by a disaster then you fit her passion to a T.

EES Coordinators

Valerie O’Dai – Executive Director/EES Disaster Coordinator PNW Region

Valerie is the Executive Director of EES. She is the busiest stay-at-home mom you will ever meet. 6 years in the disaster relief industry has taught her that every disaster is different, but there is always plenty of people who want to help. She runs our Disaster Relief Program as well as most of our fundraisers. Her passion for helping others in unparalleled. If you have a need, she will make it happen!  

Christian Michael Oakes-EES Disaster Task Force East Coast Region

Christian is the CEO of a computer network firm in Florida. He helps direct goods and services in the event of a disaster. He also drops everything when a disaster strikes to go help Search and Rescue! He has helped with Hurricane Harvey in Texas, Irma in South Florida,  Maria in Puerto Rico, and Hurricane Micheal in Florida. Reach out to him if you would like on our Disaster Task Force Facebook Page.

Dustin Beers-Operation Harney County

Dustin works everyday to help families in our communities of Hines and Burns, and runs our Operation Christmas program to help families around Christmas time with their needs.  He is a volunteer firefighter and so is his father. He has a heart of gold and will help just about anyone!

Your Name Here-Your Project Here

We value locals helping locals! Anyone with a desire to strengthen their community is encouraged to submit a proposal to us. We would love to help you help your neighborhood!